Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More memories surface...random notes..

And....some other memories came back to me while routing off....hope ya'll don't mind me sharing 'em...

The moment we drove that rental car (it was a nice one, a dark green Impala, I think).

Dean parked it in the back of the Org, while he went inside to let Bob Blair and Kitty (the SO EO) know that we arrived, Sean Carroll came outside and walked up to my window. (He was the course Sup and a GREAT, GREAT GUY! Still in, afaik but off Staff now).

Anyways, he says: 'Hi. Nice car.'

I, as nervous as all-get out...and remember 'Leaving and Leaves' PL, don't know what to say to him, cuz..always the overanalyzer, I KNOW that he KNOWS that the car is not ours, cuz he asks...is it yours?

Well....I didn't know how to answer that...cuz if I said it was our, I'd by lying...and if I said it was rented, then THAT would be admitting to him that we were leaving Staff and there to route off (when you are not allowed to tell anyone on Staff that you are routing off or leaving, etc.).

So, I started stammering....No...it's not ours...Uh....we....borrowed it....from a friend (making mental friends with the rental agent so it wasn't a lie) (I wasn't laughing at the time tho!).

And Sean looks me in the eyes (good looking guy, too, btw! ) and calmly and softly says to me: 'Michelle, it's ok, nodding his head and smiling softly at me in tacit consent. 'It's ok'.

It took all I had not to break down in tears and wanna hug him at that moment, but I held my composure pretty good.

While we were were blown..Dean and I went to the Mall and bought some clothes and new shoes...(well, his mom did, really)...and I was wearing my new shoes and clothes. And later that day when inside the Org, Sean again noticed my shoes and complimented me on them. I was sooo grateful to his kindness to us during those days....cuz others
of course were anygry at us for blowing and literally shunned us at first. (Charlie Fox, sweet, sweet guy and HE was actually MARRIED to Cat Fox, our ED! )


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