Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And On We Go......

The more I attended the Mission, the more I learned and wanted more!

The information was sooooo 'different' from anything I'd ever read. And it seemed to make perfect sense! After a few Dianetics sessions, I was hooked.

I finished my extension course and one day while at the Mission just sitting in the main room, I saw The ScientologyPicture Book.
It looked like a simple-enough book, so I dared to take a look. At the time, I was a new Catholic convert, and when I saw that Scientology was a 'religion' I wanted no part of looking at it.
The book seemed like more Dianetics, really. This wasn't a 'religion'! It wasn't talking about God or the Bible, etc..it was more about the mind and the body having a soul. I couldn't reconcile in my mind how this was considered a 'religion'?

I put the book down, and thought little more about it.

I was still attending school full-time and going to the Mission at night. I'd run home from school to pick up my son from daycare, fix us all something to eat, then dash off to the Mission, again.

The atmosphere held something addicting to me, literally. I couldn't stay away.

I wanted to read every single book on the shelves, being such a book-worm. I was a shy person, socially and an introvert, so felt more comfortable in the world of a book.

I had finished with my sessions and they wanted to me go onto a course on how to learn Dianetics. The courseroom was very small, only about 6 people in it. I would sit in on the class a few times, yet never enrolled onto any course. Being an Army Wife, and having just moved to a bigger apartment due to the twins, money was a bit tight for us.
So I continued going every evening and on weekends and help them stuff letters.
Everything was going along fine. I was slowly learning more and more about these strange, calm people who stared at you for long periods of time.....

Weeks later, I was at school one day when I suddenly started mild cramping and bleeding. I was rushed to the hospital. I was only about six weeks pregnant at this point.
Via ultrasound, it was discovered that my body had aparently absorbed the 2nd embryo and sac. Leaving me with one healthy, growing baby.
In one sense, I was sad for the loss. Yet on the other, I was a bit relieved!

Nevertheless, I was ordered to stay home for a couple weeks on bedrest to ensure the remaining baby's health. So I wasn't at school northe Mission. Jean called me. She was always very nice, low-pressure. I explained to her the situation and she suggested I could get something called 'An Assist'. I'd never heard of this, and it sounded interesting, so I agreed. Yet I was on strict bedrest and couldn't leave the house...
More soon.....