Friday, April 24, 2009

Living La Vida Loca in South Fla.

So we pack up everything and move in with my mother in law.

My husband leaves for Korea, and I felt so despondent that I didn't want to take him
to the airport. Instead a friend and his wife takes him. I tearfully said goodbye to him
at home and off he went.

Well, it turns out I ended up going to the airport to say good bye to him anyways, because he'd
forgotten THE most important part of his Army uniform behind. His dress uniform suit jacket!

So arranging for someone to stay with the kids, I drove like a demon, ran through the entire airport (this all before 9/11 btw, so it didn't look as suspicious as it would now). and had the front desk hold his plane till I could get to his gate and give him his coat.

I got there just in time, handed him his jacket, gave him another prolonged hug and kiss and
waved him off. Again.

Luckily the plane was only held up by about ten minutes during all this, and they were very understanding.

So off he went

And home I went to try and start a new life without him AND recover from the birth of my daughter just barely six weeks old. My son was still not potty trained, so I needed to start him on that.

For the first couple months all was ok.

I'd always liked his family, so I had no problems staying with them. It was better than staying with my parents who were still a bit stiff to me about marring a black man and my dad really didn't want my children in his life.

Well, being left alone and bored, (and not having to work due to finances not being a problem). I decided to start hanging out with my old friends.

Next thing you know, my mother in law and my grandmother (who I considered more my 'mother' and was extremely close to. She also was the one who never disowned me and welcomed my husband and children) were babysitting more often for my kids and I was home less and less.

By this time, I reunited with an old flame from my jr high school. We used to spend hours on the phone every weekend. We'd always liked each other, but had never 'gone out'.

I'd stayed in touch with him all throughout my teen years and into my adulthood. My husband knew about this and didn't mind, since we had been best friends for so long.

BUT...from the moment we found out that my husband was being sent to Korea, we did the 'talk' that I presume most married couples might when long-term enforced separation may occur.
And what came out of that was we gave one another 'permission' should it happen that we wanted to sleep with long as we both stayed safe and returned to each other in the end.

We were still in TX when we had that talk, I was blissfully in love couldn't imagine that I would EVER stray, so I felt more that I was doing this for HIS benefit than mine.

Well little did I know!

(more soon).

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