Thursday, February 5, 2009

Get Outta That Bed And Into My Life...

Ok, so Jean kept calling me now on a daily basis. Still being polite and concerned for me, but always keeping me interested in continuing my desire to help the Mission and to get more Dianetics sessions.

One night, she calls me on a Wednesday night at about 8 pm. She had an urgent tone to her voice this time. She actually said to me it had been long enough, and that the dr's were being too cautious in wanting me to stay in bed too long.

She asked me how I felt, (I did feel fine). And told me to come on in right then to receive something called 'An Assist'.

So I did, against dr's orders.

I arrived and they had me lie down and they did a Touch Assist. I thought it was so weird that they touched you at various points all over your body asking you to 'feel my finger'. Yet I did seem to feel a bit lighter.

Before leaving, she tried to get me to pay $200.00 dollars for an Intensive of Book One. I didn't have it.

She actually got MAD at me and started lecturing me about not being as 'able' a person as I should be in life, how I was 'listening to the dr's' and allowing myself to be weak, etc. That I was a young, healthy girl and the remaining baby was doing fine and to trust that my baby was 'staying' and not going anywhere.

I nodded politely to her through the whole thing and couldn't wait to get out of there!

I left, talked to my husband, and stopped going.

I was getting further along and my energy was drained. I concentrated on attending school every day, taking care of my young son and husband and nothing else.

I got calls nearly every night now from the Mission.

But I never answered them.

Fast forward now a few months....

March 1, 1990

My daugther was born unexpectedy ten days early, with NO labor pains, (only about an hour of the braxton hicks type contractions, which are completely painless btw), and hubby called the hospital asking if I should come in. They spoke to me on the phone. Because I could talk through one of these 'contractions' they said I didn't need to bother going in and to try and go back to sleep. (It was about 4 am). I hung up, when suddenly, I get one powerful contraction. I decide to get dressed. Then a second painful contraction. My Husband notices something that I didn't in myself. He said I was involuntarily holding my breath.

He literally yells at me to 'Drop! NOW!'.

I'm in a shocked daze by this point and I do.

Suddenly two pushes later, my daughter was born on the bedroom floor. Delivered by her daddy. She was born whole in the bag of waters. He had to break it with an Army comb, and massage her upside down to get her to cry and breathe!

During all this, he managed to dial 911 and our neighbors (who were also friends). They came over and got my son to care for him, while we waited for the ambulance. They arrived and bundled me and my sleeping daughter and whisk us to the hospital.

Everything was fine despite the unsanitary, quick birth and we were released a few days later.

While adjusting to life at home with a new baby and a young son who just started to walk. I tried to finish my schooling which only had a month more to go. I took both my kids to daycare and worked hard, all during my six weeks recovery time.

One day when my daughter was not even a month old, my husband (who was studying to be an LPN throught the Army), got word he failed his nursing school.

Of all rotations he failed? The OB/GYN!!?? LOL!

Here he just delivered his own daughter in an emergency home setting and they STILL failed him!

Because of this, The Army decides to ship him to KOREA

For 18 months!


We tried several 'Compassionate Reassignment' letters to all his superiors, and to everyone we could.

They were all denied.

So, I was forced to pull out of school, one month shy of getting my AA degree in Executive Secretary/Business Admin.

I had to pack up EVERYTHING, and we decided to move me and the kids home to South Florida to be near both our families to help me with childcare, etc.

Looking back on that, I think that was one THE BIGGEST MISTAKES, as it contributed greatly to the eventual downfall of our blissful marriage, imo.

(More later).

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